Modern Dimension Engineering Consultancy (MDEC)

Is a national consulting firm, located in Al Khobar city, Eastern province, Saudi Arabia. The firm provides engineering services and solutions for the water, environment and sustainability problems. MDEC offers a full range of specialist engineering consultancy services, that is exclusively developed and tailor-made to match the needs of the increasingly diverse clients in the water and environmental sector…..

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01 Environmental Engineering

Modern Dimension Engineering Consultancy (MDEC) provides expert environmental consulting services to private and public clients with the best available knowledge to sustain and preserve the environment.

02 Water Resources Engineering (Hydrological studies/Hydraulics)

The office team uses cutting-edge approaches and advanced technologies to solve today’s pressing water challenges.

03 Project Management

MDEC has the depth of experience needed to integrate efforts to execute the projects with the best available management tools.

04 Training Courses & Workshops

MDEC arranges local and international tutors with years of practical experience to conduct extensive range of informative and engaging training courses, workshops, and webinars.